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properPHIdisposal regularly posts summaries of news items that convey the importance of proper PHI disposal and the risks associated with improper disposal. When possible, all paraphrased news items will credit the source of the information and provide links to the originating content.

Visitors are encouraged to return to PHI News periodically to stay abreast of the latest trends in related legislation and enforcement of HIPAA's new data protection requirements.

A break-in results in medical records being dumped in Ireland

A break-in at St. Conal’s in Letterkenny resulted in archived physiotherapy records being removed from long-term storage and dumped on… Read More

Data breaches are not just a computer security problem. Now it’s also thieves stealing materials like x-rays with PHI on them

Rachel Louise Ensign Across the country, hospitals and other health care providers are falling victim to schemes that steal large… Read More

Experts put hospitals and patients on high alert as medical identity theft continues to increase

Of all the places where people want to feel secure and protected, hospitals must certainly rank at the top. But… Read More

Police found protected health information in a house during a drug bust in Oakland

California-based Sutter Health has notified approximately 4,500 individuals that they are at risk for identity theft. In a public notice,… Read More

A hard drive was sold to a German doctor without being wiped, exposing U.S. patient information

Author Name Patrick Ouellette A Montgomery, Maryland clinical social worker self-reported a patient privacy incident that occurred between late in… Read More

Health chiefs are fined after patient files were left in an abandoned building in the United Kingdom

NHS bosses have been fined £100,000 after patient files including details of miscarriages, information on vulnerable children and a police… Read More