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properPHIdisposal regularly posts summaries of news items that convey the importance of proper PHI disposal and the risks associated with improper disposal. When possible, all paraphrased news items will credit the source of the information and provide links to the originating content.

Visitors are encouraged to return to PHI News periodically to stay abreast of the latest trends in related legislation and enforcement of HIPAA's new data protection requirements.

Parents were sent health information for the wrong children in the United Kingdom

By Cathy Buss An investigation has been launched after private health details of dozens of children were sent to the… Read More

5,700 pediatric records are at risk after an employee is tied to an identity theft ring

by Alexa Volland, Alligator Nearly 5,700 patients are at risk after a UF medical practice employee was discovered to have ties… Read More

Medical info isn’t just held by your doctor, hospital and insurer, it’s also a commodity bought and sold by marketers, database companies and retailers

I’m a big fan of keeping my personal information personal. But when it comes to your medical information, maintaining privacy… Read More

More than 1,400 patients were notified of a data breach Friday in Florida

More than 1,400 Jackson Health System patients are being offered free credit protection services that includes credit monitoring and up… Read More

Thousands of VA medical records have been lost or damaged in New York

WASHINGTON – Thousands of patient records at the VA hospitals in Buffalo and Batavia have likely been misplaced or damaged,… Read More

Hundreds of medical records were found outside a Baltimore doctor’s office

If you visit a doctor’s office, it’s not unusual to provide them with sensitive information. But Fox45 found something alarming… Read More

DENT Neurologic Institute informs 10,000 patients of a data breach

Author Name Patrick Ouellette While human error is unavoidable from time to time, what healthcare organizations do to minimize the… Read More

A waste contractor in the U.K. is fined for dumping waste containing personal data of former care home residents

A WASTE contractor has been prosecuted for fly-tipping personal documents from residents in a Hull care home. Benson Khiumba was… Read More

A U.K. hospital worker breaks into confidential records attempting to discredit a doctor

By dave blackhurst A MAJOR investigation is today under way to find a hospital worker behind a high-level security breach… Read More

Veterans file a lawsuit over the health data breach at the VA in South Carolina

Two veterans have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs over a recent data breach at the William… Read More

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