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properPHIdisposal regularly posts summaries of news items that convey the importance of proper PHI disposal and the risks associated with improper disposal. When possible, all paraphrased news items will credit the source of the information and provide links to the originating content.

Visitors are encouraged to return to PHI News periodically to stay abreast of the latest trends in related legislation and enforcement of HIPAA's new data protection requirements.

Johns Hopkins investigates a patient privacy breach related to a doctor’s death

Johns Hopkins is investigating whether patient privacy was compromised by a former gynecologist who was found dead on Monday. Nikita… Read More

An employee’s computer is hacked at a Milwaukee-based health center, exposing 43,000 records

A hacker may have recently gained access to an employee’s work computer account at Milwaukee-based Froedtert Health, putting the personal… Read More

A former hospital employee pleads guilty to identity theft and tax fraud after stealing patient information

Tanya Cullens, formerly a cleaning staff employee at University Community Hospital, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue… Read More

A judge sentenced a 41-year-old woman to five years in prison for stealing more than 800 patients’ names

Financial crime is probably one of the last things people have on their minds when they go to the doctor’s… Read More

Twelve patients have filed a $50-million suit against a health care organization that suffered a data breach

Twelve patients have filed a $50-million class action suit against the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System alleging that it… Read More