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properPHIdisposal regularly posts summaries of news items that convey the importance of proper PHI disposal and the risks associated with improper disposal. When possible, all paraphrased news items will credit the source of the information and provide links to the originating content.

Visitors are encouraged to return to PHI News periodically to stay abreast of the latest trends in related legislation and enforcement of HIPAA's new data protection requirements.

An Idaho man found boxes and bags with children’s medical records in a dumpster.

AMMON, Idaho – A man is questioning just how safe our medical records are, after he found volumes of records… Read More

HHS warns health care orgs and their business associates of more audits and fines for data breaches in 2013.

For the coming new year, healthcare groups and their business associates (BAs) need to get their privacy and security house… Read More

A Lee County man looking for cardboard boxes to help him move stumbles across medical records.

LEE COUNTY – Invasion of privacy…..Fox 4 finding hundreds of patients’ medical records containing sensitive information….just tossed in a dumpster… Read More